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Google Android N looks like iOS 9 .3?


Google has released a preview version of Android N. Several new feature of Google Android N operating system updates been brought. Some of them resemble owned iOS 9. It has become a tradition for the Internet search giant has released a preview of the latest Android on the mat the Google I / O. But this time is different; they poured a preview of Android N two months earlier.

We noted there are three main features embedded Google on Android N. Although considered a brand-new, it’s just those features we’ve encountered in the update iOS 9 released last year. As these features are:

Split View

Google brings multitasking capabilities on Android N. Users will be able to open two applications simultaneously on one screen. Only when the Split View feature on iOS 9 is limited to the tablet, and it was just the iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. While Google brings up this screen sharing capabilities across Android devices. The use of split view helps users get projected as desired. They easily get support in a variety of jobs.

Direct Reply

Apple brings the ability to reply directly from the notification on iOS 8 which was launched two years ago. Google now brings the same capability on Android N. ease in reply to an email or sms is a new feature of Google Android N, the newest look is easier for users to perform direct reply on some texting apps.

Picture in Picture

Google takes fashion picture-in-picture (PIP) that allows us to display a popup video while other applications open. The Company is based in Mountain View, California; the United States said the feature will be very useful morning TV devices. It is unclear whether this feature will stop by on tablet devices and smartphones. Nevertheless PIP feature is already present in iOS 9 a year ago. Although only limited to the iPad. Presence captivating graphics appearance of Google Android N into the spotlight. Public wants to know the beta version of the latest Android update. Are they able to present images as sharp as on iOS 9.3 or not?

Night Mode

Indeed Google has introduced Android Night Mode on M Preview. Unfortunately this feature is Android Marshmallow disappear when officially launched. When iOS 9.3 will bring features of Night Shift. Google restore capabilities to Android Night Mode N.

A few points above considerations is the benchmark in the review and Google Android N, we think that Google will soon release N series in the near future.

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