Golem Rumor Revealed, No Man’s Sky Released Date Announced


No Man’s Sky – Two leading game developers have provided important information about the release schedule of No Man’s Sky and the emergence of one scene in the latest series of Golum.

The latest leak from the game Golem again revealed. More recently, IGN leaked screenshots of the game’s first 360-degree virtual reality (VR) which will be present in the PlayStation 4. The screenshot shows the room that will become the home of a girl who will be able to control a giant golem. Was first introduced in the PlayStation Experience 2015 held in San Francisco in December yesterday, Golem is one of the VR game that will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Although the background of the story is still not known, through his trailer, the game depicts a woman Golem suddenly could control a giant golem figure.

Highwire games developer said that the Golem have been developed for approximately two years. The game will run at 90fps framerate using PlayStation VR goggles. Unfortunately, this game will not be present at the time of the release of the PlayStation VR in the second quarter of this year.

No Man’s Sky will be released for PlayStation 4

After being exhibited several times at various international gaming arenas, Hello Games has finally officially announced the release date for its latest exploration game, the No Man’s Sky. Via the PlayStation Blog, Managing Director of Hello Games, Sean Murray, announced that No Man’s Sky will be released simultaneously on June 21 for PC and PlayStation 4. In addition to announcing its release date, Murray also announced that the No Man’s Sky will have a hard copy version for PlayStation 4. It provides other additional alternatives to the players on the PlayStation 4 if you want to add a collection of his physical game and are reluctant to download the game digitally.


In closing, Murray added that he and his team will likely bring additional content for this game in the future. No Man’s Sky is an exploration game that will invite players to explore the various planets in outer space. The principal advantage of this game is the procedural system generated content which allows the system to be able to make the world game automatically. The system makes the world that can be explored by the player becomes virtually unlimited.

The presence of the two series of the game adds to the queue to be played. Gamers would have lost the patience to wait for the latest No Man’s Sky and Golum once completed. They do not want to fall behind rivals in completing the game. For prestige in completing the game is high. You will achieve comfort at all times.