Fashion Designers Games New York Review


Do you know a game titled Fashion Designers Games New York? It is a game of fashion simulator that you can play especially if you are interested in fashion.

Just like another fashion simulator game, this game is aimed for you to choose the best fashion and create your own fashion style. For you who have not played it yet and interested in this game, you may look for the review first.

Review of Fashion Designers Games New York

As a player of Fashion Designers Games New York, you will start your days as an employee at a big design agency in Manhattan. In this game, there are six fashion workshops for makeup, tailor clothing, style hair, take photos, outfit models and even your own fashion show. On your first assignment, you will be congratulated by people that you meet.

fashion designers games new York
fashion designers games new York

In this game, you will still get tasks to be done in a specific way and it becomes a requirement for you to continue the next task. Some requirements may force you to try specific workshop stages over and over again until they can have the combination of specific color, style or texture. When you successfully complete the task, people will congratulate and praise your work. When you are not completing the tasks, this game will offer players a freedom to design your own clothes.

However, the interface of this game is quite clumsy which makes designing and sending photos of your own design is a bit chore. Because of complaints on it, the developer of this game tries to fix that interface problem. Now, the interface starts to work well to keep all the players stay in this game.  Meanwhile, the presentation of this game maintains its own charm. All the characters are displayed in paper-doll cutout style and the design will lend a good deal to the proceedings. Furthermore, the colors are vivid and bright and the soundtrack of the game is also a mix of contemporary and classic bubblegum pop.

In short, this game is better as creative outlet than actual game. For those who like fashion and designing fashion game, this is a good game because it is decent and it has creation tool. This is an easy game to play but fun enough as well. However, players hope the next version will be better because this Fashion Designer New York games isn’t very impressive enough so far.