How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password


For iPhone users, there are several way of resetting the phone that you should know including soft reset, factory reset, and many more. Factory reset is slower than soft reset and it has smaller risk on everything. However, choosing factory reset means that you are ready to lose all of your data in which the settings and passwords will be re-input later. What if we forget the phone password? Can we factory reset it? How to factory reset iPhone without password?

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password? The Simple Answer

If you want to sell your phone, it is necessary to do factory reset because it will erase all of your data in instant. Besides, it is also effective to fix some issues in iPhone. So, here are some solutions on how to factory reset iPhone without password.

How to factory reset iPhone without password
How to factory reset iPhone without password
  1. Reset iPhone via iTunes
  • First of all, backup your iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable and then launch iTunes.
  • Click on Restore iPhone.
  • In the iTunes dialogue box, choose Restore while you should choose “next” in iPhone software update window.
  • On the next window, choose agree to accept the license terms and then continue.
  • Wait for the iTunes restores your iPhone

This solution has worked for many users. However, you will lose all of your data.

  1. Reset iPhone via Settings

This method will work only if you have done an iCloud backup in the past and if you have enabled Find my iPhone.

  • Go to settings, choose general and then reset. After that tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Wait for the restarting process.
  • Then, you will be presented with Apps Data screen. Tap the Restore from iCloud Backup and choose Backup.

As mentioned before, it will only work if you have ever done iCloud backup before.

  1. Using Home and Power Button

This is the easiest method to reset your iPhone without using password.

  • Press and hold Home button and Sleep/Wake button together.
  • Then, hold buttons until iPhone shuts off and restart.

Those are the three ways that you can try to factory reset your phone without using password. However, it will be easier for you to have the password. So, here are 2 tips for you so that you don’t lose the password.

  1. Write down your password and keep it safe. This is a good tip for you who are absent-minded.
  2. Use Touch ID instead of password to unlock the phone. It may be harm for your privacy but it can be one of solution so that you are not required to input password.

How to factory reset iPhone without password is not that complex. If you forget the password, you may do this thing. Despite the effectiveness, it is important to make sure that you always remember the password so that you do not have to do the factory reset to your phone.