How to Factory Reset HP Laptop: Newbies Guide


Some problems with HP laptops may prompt the user to return it to the factory settings. This usually happens for several reasons, for example virus attack, or damage to software or hardware configuration. Sometimes, the only solution for this problem is to restore your laptop to the initial settings.

Then, how to factory reset HP laptop properly?

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Yourself Even If You’re A Noob

Before starting this process, make sure all your important data is backed up. Surely, you do not want the important data stored on your laptop is lost, right? Therefore, here are the steps on how to factory reset HP laptop.


how to factory reset HP laptop
how to factory reset HP laptop
  1. Make the Recovery Disk

It is highly recommended to make your computer looks like new again. Here are the steps in making recovery disc.

  • Connect the computer charger.
  • Click ‘Start’ > ‘All Programs’. Then, select ‘System Recovery’ and click ‘Create Recovery Discs’. Recovery Disc Creator will display a message indicating the type and amount of disc required. Make sure the required number of discs is available.
  • Click Next to start the copying process.
  • When it is prompted, remove all discs that have been processed and insert a blank disc. Name each disc, in order.
  • Save the recovery disc you just created in a safe place.
  1. Start the Restoring Process using Recovery Disc

The Windows operating system can be re-installed, using recovery discs, without deleting all programs and data. This step is generally applied when the computer cannot be turned on as it should, or cannot enter the Windows operating system. Do these steps to reinstall the operating system from the recovery disc:

  • Connect the computer charger.
  • Open the disc drive, and then insert the first disc from set disc recovery > turn off computer > press power button to turn on computer and immediately press F11 key. The computer will start the restoring process from the disc and do some hard drive checking.
  • After a while, a black screen will appear with a message. If the C:\ drive and the special partition for recovery are not damaged, there are two options: press ‘R’ for standard System Recovery option, or press ‘F’ to format the hard drive and reinstall the factory settings, but all data will be deleted.
  1. Restoring to Factory Settings Using Recovery Manager

To be able to access HP Recovery Manager, here are the steps you should take.

  • Click ‘Next’ on the System Recovery panel. PC Recovery will display ‘Backing up user data and settings’.
  • PC Recovery will start restoring Windows, application data, and user data and settings. When it is done, PC Recovery will display, “The PC Recovery was successfully completed. Click restart to restart your PC or click Turn Off to turn off the PC”.
  • Click ‘Restart’.

These steps on how to factory reset HP laptop above are very important to know just in case your laptop is error. Do these steps carefully so that all of the above processes work well.