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Are you using Sprint as your internet provider? Are you planning on switching to AT&T from sprint? If yes, this is pretty understandable since choosing the internet provider is pretty confusing. Moreover, each provider has their own strengths and weaknesses to be considered so you will have the best deal using it.

Switching to AT&T from Sprint

A lot of people are complaining when using Sprint and decide switching to AT&T from Sprint. The first factor is that Sprint has slow network connection compared to AT&T. Sprint offers you with LTE Plus, but in fact, the signal are not easy to grab. Some people complain that they only get basic LTE network in their phone.

Switching to AT&T from Sprint
Switching to AT&T from Sprint

Compared to AT&T, the speed of the basic LTE network is the same as the ST&T EDGE or 2G network. The download speeds provided by AT&T is faster than Sprint for almost 45 times faster. The upload speeds is also faster for more than 12 times than Sprint. If you check using app, the message will also be the same, telling you that there is no internet connection.

The internet connection provided by Sprint is more or less troublesome by some people. Take for example they just want to open their web browser to check something, the web display will require them to check for the internet connection. Even if they have signal for at least 1 to 3 bars and connected to the network, the message they got is pretty the same.

The next problem with Sprint user is that the phone call quality they offer is poor. This problem is related to the sound although the voice is pretty clear. Meanwhile, AT&T offers a rich sound even the small one like the water drop will be heard. If you are surrounded with loud noises, you will not be able to hear other people through the phone call.

Choosing Sprint will eventually help you to save money since they offer cheap prices for their service. The prices are the same with the quality of the service you got. Therefore, you need to think again if you want to keep using Sprint as your provider.

Switching to AT&T from sprint is very recommended if you want to avoid unnecessary drama, but you will need extra money by using AT&T. As previously mentioned, each provider has their own strengths and weaknesses to be considered.