Easy Guide to Your Time Warner Cable Modem Activation


Did you forget to ask about time warner cable modem activation before leaving the store? Don’t worry, the activation steps are not too complicated to understand for common people. There is no need to ring back the store and request for assistance. Try to do it by yourself first.

time warner cable modem activation
time warner cable modem activation

Since there are various modem brands, it is not surprising to find out that the installation steps also differs. As for time warner cable modem activation, the instructions only include cable installation. Let the staffs do the internet setting for you.


Before you start, learn that there will be one cable you are going to work with: coaxial cables. There are two of them. Each of them will be connected to different devices: splitter and modem.

Take a look at the back of your phone modem. If you are a phone costumer, a cable will be installed already in its place. First, you have to remove that lone cable and put it into the splitter. Make sure you choose the hole with “input” label.

Now take one coaxial cable and put one end to the splitter. The correct hole would be the one with “output” label. Another end of the cable goes to the phone modem.

T he second coaxial cable is almost similar to the first one. It has two ends; one end will go to the splitter, while another cable should be put into the newly bought modem.

Next step to do is locating the modem. It also applies for Mac. Peek at the bottom of the modem. The code usually appears after MAC or EA.

Call the modem center, so they could help you activating the setting via online connection. You have to wait patiently until the end of the process. The staff might ask several questions to you such as the modem number and so on.

Just in case the staff forgets to ask, you could give the questions about the modems. Should you have one phone modem and one internet modem, then you need to bring back leased modem or power cord to the store. If you don’t do so, you will pay double for internet and phone.

The festive mood after purchasing new modem should not be ruined just because you don’t know how to activate it. As long as you have prepared all the items, installing a modem will take less than an hour. The most challenging part would be to find where you should connect the cable. Other than that, time warner cable modem activation is quite a simple job to do.