Dual Curved Edge for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge Design


Will Samsung’s new flagship really look a lot like Galaxy S7 Edge?

Samsung fans have once again found themselves anticipating the upcoming release by their favorite tech brand, the Galaxy Note 7. The Korean tech giant has gained massive success from its current flagships, and the market is now expecting its upcoming smartphone with a lot of rumors going around. Just like any past releases by Samsung, there have been leaks and speculations ahead of Galaxy Note 7, especially regarding its design. So, what the rumors got for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge design?

For the past few weeks, people have been speculating that Samsung would launch both a standard model and a curved one. Other rumors have it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 design will be just like that of an Edge model of the Note, with appearance closer to S Edge series. Pictures of the not-released-yet Galaxy Note 7 indicates that the smartphone will look a lot like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and not the 2014 Galaxy Note Edge. Finally, the most recent report from South Korea suggests that its tech giant will release only the curved variant for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge design.

According to a report in The Korea Herald, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note 7 Edge in dual curved design only:

“According to local daily Munwha Ilbo, Samsung is not considering launching a flat screen version of the Note phone.”


A similar report from The Korea’s Electronic Times also suggests that the flat-screen model of Galaxy Note 7 will be non-existing. If these reports are true, then the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will look similar, or rather a lot, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. That means the existing rumors turns out to be true. After all, many reports have indicated that the curved models are more loved at the moment. If it is going to be Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge design, what will happen to the standard Galaxy S variants afterward?

Previous models of the line up have actually featured curved edges, but only on one side of the screen. If we are to believe the reports, then the Note 7 will be the first of the Note series to come with a dual edge display. People are excited to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge design, but it seems like we’ve got wait a bit more since Samsung hasn’t announced the official release date yet.