Difference between Iphone 5s & SE: Should You Rush to Replace Yours Yet?


It is quite difficult to find the difference between iPhone 5s and SE. Both are introduced as the top listed product from Apple. It takes two and half years before SE is released. This time gap gives enough time for innovation to kick in. Is there any real difference between the brothers?

difference between iPhone 5s and SE
difference between iPhone 5s and SE

Difference Between iPhone 5s And SE

When you look at both products in a glance, the model and design are similar to each other. Thus, you should seek for the difference between iPhone 5s and SE. Otherwise, you might not be able to decide whether to stay with the old one or chase after the new Apple product.

The Design

Among all the designs that have been released by Apple, 5S and 5 are undoubtedly the most iconic and beautiful model. It is a relief to learn that SE continues the elegant design to live on. For both products, you will have brushed aluminum casing with matte chamfered edges.

There is only 1 milligram weight difference, in which SE has more weight compared to 5S. It would be barely noticed. One thing that users love from this model is the abrasive handling.

The Screen

Since the iPhone 5S screen could satisfy the previous costumers, Apple again put similar feature for the SE product. It has four inches LCD, with 1.136 x 640 resolution. In comparison to the other brand, you could say that iPhone 5S is left behind. For Apple level, this screen belongs to the best three screen technology.

The Power

One way to test the power of a phone is by dueling them in the game performance. Even though SE looks similar to its older brother, but it takes harder processor inside. 5S keeps going with the Dual Core Cyclone CPU, Power VR G6430 quad core, while SE takes up the latest Dual Core Twister CPU, Power VR GT7600 six core GPU.
While playing an intensive game match, SE has a slight upper hand. It is probably due to the fact that SE pushes out lesser pixel to the surface. Moreover, SE doubles the storage of 5S to 2GB RAM.

Upgrading Apple phone to the latest version is such a routine for the loyal users. However, sometimes the additional cost one should pay for it is not worth the updates. In 5S and SE case, many users choose to upgrade to the latest product after considering the difference between iPhone 5s and SE. Have you upgraded yours, too?