You Decide, Laptop with SSD or Hard Disk


Compared with a few years ago, now the price of solid state drive (SSD) is much cheaper. Although not yet as cheap as the price of hard drive storage, but SSDs have reading speed which is much faster. Which one do you choose? As a comparison, the hard disk’ read and write speeds commonly used in laptop on middle class is still under 100 MB / s. While lower-class SSDs can run over 200 MB / s.

This is because the searching for data speed in flash memory is much faster than search-based data storage platter or dish, such as those used in hard disk. Read and write speeds are high this can circumcise heavy load application twice times better, such as Adobe Photoshop, which has a relatively long loading time. Thus, the use of SSD in a laptop with a processor that is not too great can make it look like a high specs laptop. Unfortunately, today most valuable laptops under $ 1,000 still use the hard drive as a storage option. While SSD is typically only used in much expensive laptop, which of course have a high spec processor anyway.

But there is also a laptop that provides the option to use SSD in less affordable laptop, one of which is Dell. Inspiron 11 in which the sale price is only $ 199, or about 150 Euro, Dell gives choice of 128 GB SSD or 500 GB hard drive. But that is for the Dell Inspiron 11 which is intended for the United States market. While Dell itself has not determined where the storage that they will use later in this laptop when it goes on sale in developed country. “If I could give you a choice before the laptop was released in Asia, which one you choose, the SSD 128 GB or 500 GB hard drive?” asked Ray Gee, vice president of Dell’s Consumer Product Group.

Widespread use of SSD may be imminent. This is because the needs of the super-fast storage are a must for professionals. Therefore, the manufacturer of laptops that do not provide SSD storage in the future will be left far behind by competitors. Use of total hard disk actually is a definite reason that will be done more emphatically. We will ask you to set a best device with great ability. If you know that the idea to prepare everything can be done quickly, we certainly would have chosen. Sometimes the use of SSDs is still very rare. The next few years, the use of SSD is widely expected to provide a solution to overcome the problem of internet speed.