Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3 For Marshmallow Upgrade


The custom ROM Oppo Joy 3 is not easy to be upgraded especially for the users who need to update their device into Marshmallow 6.0 OS. There are several methods which do not work anymore right now. Thus, we made this tutorial since it is still working now for Oppo Joy 3 users. It will reduce your sadness which cannot try out the latest operating system of Android phones including Joy 3. Download this ROM and you will get what you want to. The steps are simple and easy. Almost all levels of users can apply our custom ROM for Marshmallow upgrade.

No Bugs

Luckily, we have found no bugs on our custom ROM Oppo Joy 3 yet. It is such a best chance for you to test it on your phone. If you get some bugs or errors during the installation, please notify us so that our team will process your reports and solve the problem immediately. This custom ROM is very similar with the Marshmallow Operating System which we find on the Android phone these days. For your information, we are still developing this ROM into the maximum levels now. Therefore, please understand our customer ROM until you get the most perfect version in the end.

Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3 Download

To download custom ROM Oppo Joy 3, you just need to read article in the end and follow the instructions properly. This ROM is perfectly suited with the Marshmallow OS that we can see on the latest Android phone. We believe that there is no regretting moment in any single second of your life after downloading this custom ROM. This is a very easy way to taste the latest OS of Android although we just have Oppo Joy 3. Without further ado, let us show you the instructions after you have downloaded our custom ROM below.



After you downloaded the custom ROM of Marshmallow, just copy .zip files to your SD Card. We suggest you to enter recovery mode instead of the normal mode. It will grant you an administrator job just like on computer users. Afterwards, you can install .zip files that you have downloaded here through the “install zip from SDCard” menu on the screen. Then, it is your turn to choose the files which we prepared before and locate the zip. At last but not least, you will be prompted with a notification about starting the installation. Just hit “yes” button on the screen and repeat the previous steps to install GAPPS after custom ROM Oppo Joy 3 installation.

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