What to Do If Computer Won’t Connect To Internet


Sometimes, it is very stressful when you really need to surf the internet in computer but suddenly the computer won’t connect to internet. There is also case when you are in the middle of browsing the internet but it suddenly loses its connection. You will be mad, won’t you? However, you should not feel frustrated because you may find simple way to solve the problem or actually it is easy to handle.

Computer Won’t Connect To Internet? Let’s figure it out

These are some tips or suggestions that can help you find out why the computer won’t connect to internet. Furthermore, it may help you solve the problem.

  1. Start from the simplest

When the computer loses the internet connection, it might be only because of the network cables. Sometimes, people do not think that far while actually the network cables are loose or unplugged. In addition, it is also possible that someone actually unplugged the router. Therefore, you have to make sure that the wired or wireless network harder is plugged in and switched on.

computer won’t connect to internet
computer won’t connect to internet
  1. Browse another website

It is possible that actually the problem is not the internet connection but the website itself. If the website is offline then it is impossible to access the website even if the internet is connected. Thus, before assuming that the cause is the internet connection, try to visit another website.

  1. Are you outside the wireless signal range?

When you are using Wi-Fi network connection, it depends not only on the device but also the wireless access point. If the computer is far from the wireless signal range, then it is no doubt that the connection will be slower. So, if you are going to use Wi-Fi connection, make sure that the Wi-Fi spot is not far from your device.

  1. Check the Computer Firewall Malfunctions

Firewall software is used to prevent any unwanted network traffic from its operation. However, the software firewalls can also get into malfunction and it blocks the valid internet traffic. If there are two software firewalls installed together, it can cause traffic blocking. If it is so, you can temporarily disable the software firewall to find out if it causes the connection problem or not.

  1. Check the Broadband Router

If you are using internet router at home, it is easier to manage but the router may prevent computers from internet connection. The routers failures are caused by excessive traffic, overheating or just because it is already bad. So, check the router’s console and lights to ensure whether it is running and responding properly or not.

Those are 5 tips and suggestions on solving the problem when your computer won’t connect to internet. There are many aspects that can cause this issue, therefore you should make sure what the cause is then you can know what to do.