CM13 Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 Marshmallow Unofficial Update


A CM13 Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 custom ROM is the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the five years back resolution, 2 years old, 4-inch device from Samsung. The Galaxy Ace 3 is the smallest device to run Marshmallow right now. Marshmallow will be updated into your device based on 6.0 code If you are new to CM13 and custom ROMs. It is time consuming when it comes to installation and you need to install the CM13 Marshmallow ROM by first installing custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP. Make sure you don’t install this on any other device with different model number with that of specified one. This 6.0 custom ROM should be compatible with the model number of specified Galaxy Ace 3.

CM13 Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 Installation

Follow these steps to install this update:

  1. To be able to update it to CM13 Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 Marshmallow, download and install the TWRP recovery into your Galaxy Ace 3.
  2. Visit the page where you can find the download link for the Marshmallow ROM and gapps file and then download them.
  3. Use data cable to connect your device to the computer and then copy the ROM and gapps file into the device memory. Plug out the device but keep in mind the location of the files you copy.
  4. Enter the recovery mode in the device. Download and install Quick Boot app from play store if you are rooted. You can manually enter recovery mode by turn off your device and wait until the device is completely turned off for 5-10 seconds. Press and hold Power + Volume up + Home button simultaneously for 3-4 seconds and then release to enter TWRP recovery.
  5. You can create a backup of your device in TWRP.
  6. Perform a Factory Reset. Tap on Wipe > advanced wipe on TWRP’s main screen, and give check mark to data, dalvik cache, cache and system. Confirm it by perform the Swipe action at bottom.
  7. Install the CM13 Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 ROM file. Tap on Install on TWRP’s homescreen and then choose the ROM file you have copied before. Start flashing the update by performing the Swipe action at bottom. Restart the device by tapping on Reboot system button. Wait for 15 minutes to let the device update for Marshmallow.
  8. Enter TWRP and install Gapps. Go back by tap on Home button and install the Gapps.
  9. Reboot system and let the CM13 Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 update applies.

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