Choosing Cool Games for Kids


Today technology is increasingly advanced and sophisticated. There are many positive and negative impacts of cool games for kids. For children, there are a lot of negative because children do not understand the actual benefits. When I wanted to see the email in the cafe, I was surprised because in the cafe was filled with children of school age. They are still dressed in uniform and carrying a bag playing the game. There are also the smell of cigarette smoke filled the room seemed. After I noticed, the cafe is now made in place for online gaming and game station. Concern again during the school hours the students play online games. Playing games on the café excessively using fictitious personality that can lead to multiple personality disorder, according to the Medical University of Hanover in Germany. In addition, playing cool games for kids is more likely to limit their social interactions with others.

Mentality deterioration in children today, do not blame the game or the environment. Because without the presence of children, the game and environment is still running as it is. The question is how the personality of the individual concerned. If there are many cafes, the game is a lot, just why some children become “stubborn” and there are “good boy”. Blame not the cool games for kids. Rather than blaming a phenomenon, we better think of how to take the positive sides from the phenomenon existing. If asked about a nice game for children, I recommend you to play my PC games from Tycoon output, such as Zoo Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc. It can sharpen thinking skills of children, according to the stage of simple to complex and honing creativity, and can make the learning of the child. Meanwhile, if the games are violent or nude, do not worry. It is not easy to find such games. Moreover, if the online games in Indonesia, try to love your little kid personality. You could accompany him, or directly involved in the game being played by the kid. Hopefully your child can enjoy a memorable vacation.

There are some cool games for kids that do not deserve played by children, especially fights. It is because the game is too dangerous to follow such Rasengan that leads to the stomach. The effects of hand pressure to the abdomen can lead to stuffy in the stomach, vomiting, etc. According to experience, there is a real fight child because one of the children did not receive in defeat by the other children. In addition, the Sims game is also not good. This game has some inappropriate activity.