Chinese Smartphone Vendors Collapse ?


China is known as the center the cell phone industry with so many local players. In 2014, reportedly there were 500 Chinese Smartphone vendors. But now number only about 100. As said by Mai Donghia, Vice President of ZTE. Apparently, local interest has focused on the latter already established brand. Then the tip ends, hundreds of vendors there any collapse could not survive.

“The industry will be consolidated into just a few large players in the future, no longer,” he said Lin Renxiang, an industry analyst at iResearch. Quoted from the South China Morning Post, the top four Chinese smartphone vendors the most sold today is Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. In 2015 and then, according to research firm IDC, they control 45% of China’s domestic market. And also pretty fly in foreign countries.

“Brand smaller always been sold. But now with the help of internet and intensive marketing campaigns, everyone goes out of the top mobile phone brands and the crowd wanted to buy it,” said Lin. “Manufacturing is likely also have more bargaining power a matter of concern of supply and suppressed the production costs will be lower than the smaller players,” he added.

Ding Xiuhong, founder of a small smartphone vendor named Dakele justify the statement. “The competition takes place very quickly and is more ruthless than we imagined,” he said. Not to mention the very high population, China has become the land lucrative market for foreign handset vendors such as Samsung or Apple. Be tiny Chinese Smartphone vendors are struggling to survive.

Late last month, Taiwanese media reported that Chinese manufacturers are vying for new ways to innovate to release a smartphone with curved edges to see, especially this year. For example, the release of manufacturing Vivo Xplay 5, making it the first smartphone manufacturers other than Samsung in the smartphone released a double-edged curved.

Even now, informed people in the industry, as well as launch Gizmo China, Saturday (12/03/2016), there are several other Chinese manufacturers that develop smartphone screens curved edges. The phone is expected to “hit” the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2016. So, before the end of the year, my friend may have to be clever to choose three to four smartphone selection curved edges, with the majority of the smartphone will be offered by the Chinese smartphone maker.

But the Chinese smartphone vendors seems to have to review the marketing strategy during this run. They must stop losses as soon as possible because there is some waste that makes them lose.