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Capture Beautiful Moment in HD Quality through Lumia 950


National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez has quite a difficult task. He must be able to capture the natural phenomenon of the aurora armed with a smartphone camera. Lumia 950 became the weapon Alvarez hunt gorgeous photos. The camera on one of the flagship Microsoft Devices is indeed reaping praise from some observers’ gadget.

Still, this kind of challenge is always intriguing. Moreover, if the device is in the hands of a professional photographer. “I’m pretty sure I can capture a natural phenomenon that occurs only at night it was. As an ambassador Microsoft Devices, I know Microsoft mobile phone camera technology has amazing capabilities,” said Alvarez was quoted as saying on the Windows blog, Monday (07/03/2016).

This is not the first time Alvarez snapped using the Lumia 950 to the themes of landscape photography and adventure. He has already been brought it to snap photographs in the water. So arguably, Alvarez already mastered the ‘weapon’ is. “In this challenge, I chose Arctic Circle in Northern Finland and Northern Norway. The idea is to see the landscape differently and people in the land of the aurora await beautiful combination between the weather and the light display,” he said. The ability Lumia 950 is indeed remarkable.

Alvarez explained, scientifically appearance of the aurora depends heavily on the interaction of charged particles released during solar storms on the atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field. The combination of light that cannot be predicted, extreme cold temperatures and bad weather has been a challenge. When the aurora occurs, the light generated can be very spectacular, but not too light in sight.



“The weakness of the smartphone’s camera is shooting in low light conditions. Therefore, I did the logical thing by designing various ways to get the aurora,” said Alvarez. To conquer this challenge, Alvarez snapped with the Lumia 950 is supported by a tripod, ISO lowered to the range of 100-400, to enable exposure for four seconds and stapled. “The weather is very cold. Touching tripod alone makes me shiver,” said Alvarez tells the behind the scenes of shooting a phenomenon also known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights this.

As a result, Alvarez had a couple of shots aurora can be proud of. Aurora Borealis looks like a ribbon with a blend of green and orange in the sky. Alvarez described it like a dragon flying over his head. “Low light, the last challenge in smartphone photography, fell. I was photographing the Aurora Borealis using the smartphone’s camera,” Alvarez said cheerfully.

Alvarez had also successfully completed a number of challenges; among others perpetuate the seven natural wonders of the world uses the Lumia 950.