Bill Gates will regain Ages of Empires again?


Still remember the video game Age of Empires? In the past, a real time strategy game is very popular among PC gamers. Affection for one another, the development stagnates and nothing really new series released by Microsoft.

After less than three years of sliding, Microsoft finally decided to close the online game – the Age of Empire. This announcement comes Microsoft officially via the game’s website. Based on the information on the site, this game has been halted since July 1, 2014. The server is permanently closed since 4 pm local time. Microsoft did not mention the reason for closing this game server.

“All the best things in Age of Empire Online should be ended and the time has now come,” according to an announcement on the game’s website.

Online game Age of Empires, launched in August 2011. At first launch, in this game there are only two playable civilizations, namely Greece and Egypt. But was later extended to include Persians, Celts, Babylonia, and Norse. This game was originally developed by Robot Entertainment, but was taken over by Gas Powered Games.


This game has not developed since January 2014 last month. According to executive producer Kevin Perry, development funds to create new content and keeping the game was too expensive.

On that occasion, Microsoft also thanks the loyal gamers who have played this game. Some statistics attainment Age of Empires game was announced. There is seen that the number of Single Player Quest has reached 524 million, Multiplayer Quests 13.7 million, Arena Matches 2 million, and more than 2 billion Gained EP. Although the game Age of Empire has officially closed, according to Gamespot, Microsoft will release a new game called Age of Empire Age of Empires: World Domination.

Well by so the new series of Age of Empire will be worked out Microsoft. It was after Bill Gates declared that he indicated would consider sequel or reboot Age of Empire. In a question and answer session at the forum Reddit, a user is asked about the legendary game. “Mr. Gates, will be held again Age of Empires? Not sure if this is your business, but it might as well ask because you’re here, thanks,” was more or less the question.

“I’ll find out about it. How Empires do you need?” Gates replied briefly, as quoted from the Metro.