Best shooting games online you should play


Are you a fan of shooting games online or First Person Shooting (FPS)? If so, you should try to play some of these games titles for the game provides a compelling gameplay while providing a challenge to hone your skills.

1. Battlefield: Battlefield series is the eternal rivals of the series Call of Duty and published by EA Games. This game is very similar to Call of Duty, but more focused on large-scale battles that can be found in single player or multiplayer. Battlefield also incorporates a large number of combat vehicles (like tanks, helicopters, even planes) to create exciting gameplay between fighting as a common soldier in the battle in the vehicle. Battlefield has a class system that influences the type of weapons and equipment that they can use, based on pre-determined class. Since Battlefield 2 was released in 2005 all the player stats are recorded and stored online. These statistics will be used to boost the ranking of players, opening a new type of weapon, or the medal awards. Battlefield entered in the best shooting games online list.

2. Call of Duty: Currently, Call of Duty is the role of FPS games whose popularity number one in the world, competing with the Battlefield series. Was released in a variety of titles, games like Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and most recently, Call of Duty: Ghosts certainly is not foreign to your ears. The series was picked up various battles in World War II, the battle against terrorists in the Middle East, fighting in the future, even a fierce battle against zombies and aliens. COD has advantages in realistic graphics and exciting gameplay in both single player and multiplayer modes. This game is a masterpiece in the video game industry that should not be missed. Call of Duty into the best shooting games online list.

3. Medal of Honor: Medal of Honor (MoH) is a FPS game series that takes place during World War II and other battles that really happened in the world. The first game of the series is published by Electronic Arts (EA) in 1999 for the PlayStation and has since been released to many other console platforms and PC. Medal of Honor has an increased focus on providing an open-ended gameplay elements, offers several different options that can be done to complete each level. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and received an average review score average of 74% on Metacritic website.


You can now play third title above and then compare which one is better. If an error occurs, you should try to fix it by telling us lays the weakness. These 3 shooting games online can fill your free time after a day of work in the office.