Best Recommended Games in 2016: Here is the List


2015 can be regarded as one of the best years in the gaming industry. A wide range of the best titles release in this wooden goat. Call it Batman: Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, Fallout 4, up to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Now, in 2015 had its day. However, in 2016 we are going to welcome new years also not a bleak year for the gaming industry. In fact there are a lot of games that must be anticipated launch. Many gamers are spoiled with a variety of cool games, have exceptional quality graphics and challenging gameplay so that they will continue to be encouraged to complete. Some of them had been prepared from long ago to slide in 2016, but some are released due to pending. So what games are most anticipated in 2016? Consider the following titles:

Final Fantasy XV

The same money with The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV also be games with the development that takes very long. Beginning with the title Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2006, finally the Director Hajime Tabata preparing the release of Final Fantasy XV in 2016. That is, if there is no obstacle. But from what is evidenced through a demo that appeared in 2015, this game feels deserves to be a game that must be anticipated.

The Last Guardian (PlayStation 4)

Sony’s announcement in the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 event yesterday made a number of gamers cheered excitedly. Because the famous Japanese game maker said it will release The Last Guardian in 2016 after nearly 10 years of development. Even so, there is no certainty an exact timetable hood of this game will be released. We estimate, the Last Guardian will be ready on the market in mid 2016 in view of the peak sales do occur when the summer.


Dark Souls III (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC)

Dark Souls series fans may be quite amused by the Bloodborne released in 2015. Even so, it still does not cure longing for the real feel of Dark Souls. Therefore, the Software company plans to release Dark Souls III in 2016 we had the opportunity to try out the demo while in 2015 GameStart Singapore. As a result, the game is still presenting the dark side of Dark Souls with a slight touch of graphical improvement.

Pokemon Go (Android and IOS)

Honestly, look at the trailer for Pokemon Go make us amazed hoping that this game be quickly released. However, the Pokemon Company and Niantic does not want to be hurry releasing it. Therefore 2016 is considered sufficient for future development. Brought the genre of massively augmented reality, Pokemon Go lets you play with Pokemon in the real world while competing against friends.