Best Online Car Games You Should Try to Boost the Mood


Are you bored with action games or MMO RPG Online or Online FPS games? Do you want something different? Let’s try online car games. The first, of course an internet connection must exist if you want to play this game at home. For simple way, of course, go to the cafe and play there with friends. It just might be a bit lacking many cafes that provide this online car game. Obstacles encountered most frequently RTO or LAG for the server location is outside. Well I have some examples of the games recommended that hopefully we can all play.

The first online car games are Need for Speed World. Gamers should be familiar with this NFS game ranging from the Underground, Most Wanted, Carbon, Shift, and more all the Cool Car Racing Games for android or also on the PC version and the console. We can play on almost all devices ranging from PlayStation consoles, Personal Computer (PC), even in mobile as Android smartphones that are all available. Of all NFS titles that have been played, the whole cannot be played online. For multiplayer mode, we can play between the local networks (LAN). And lastly EA Games creates a new version that can be played online by NFS World title. Need for Speed World itself is developed by EA Black Box and EA Singapore. It took the basic game of the previous two games, NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon. So, in NFS World, you still will meet with security officers who will chase you while performing wild racing action. You will get 34 Cars and there are several additional components of MMO makes more remarkable. For cars provided are not all free, to use a car that does not free, the players are required to use Speed Boost. You can download for free and play against great drivers around the world. Make sure beforehand to register in advance.


In addition, there is also Drift City. This is one of online car games that can be played online at the time of the update in previous days. How to play is pretty easy to say, but not easy to do. It needs a lot of training to be able to win this match. The theory is to control the movement of the car by touching the left and right side of the screen and not to the wall or opponent car. It will make you get much score. Collect also the items there and then today would be useful to add the power of your vehicle becomes more severe. In addition, you can use it to destroy the vehicle picking HUV as a crime to destroy the organization that you will get important information. You will also be around to 10 different countries in stages according to the level that has been resolved. Those are two online car games that you can try.