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Best free adventure games: Metal Slug Attack and Plant VS Zombies 2


Adventuring and enjoying a variety of missions in the game does make it fun, and free adventure games will make you save hundreds of dollars. We introduce two free games that can be downloaded through PlayStore.

1. Metal Slug Attack

The game developer SNK Playmore Metal Slug Attack launched on iOS and Android platforms. The launch of the latest game celebrations marking 20 years of the legendary Metal Slug game. As quoted from Toucharcade, Monday (22/02/2016), the latest game Metal Slug Attack is an advanced Metal Slug Defense. SNK Playmore added be some updates in Metal Slug Attack that does not exist in the Defense Metal Slug, Metal Slug be one free adventure games Decent played.

Update of the most interesting features in the latest game Metal Slug Attack is Real Time Battle. With that feature, players can play one on one with other users directly. The latest game Metal Slug Attack also reinforced with guild features, units of evolution. Based game action and fight it also comes with a selection of unique games like POW Rescue, Combat School, and Treasure Hunt. The latest game Metal Slug Attack is now available for download in the Android and iOS platforms. The legendary game is still 2D format.


2. Plant VS. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 calls, this sequel comes with six new character classes. For a total of 14 characters from the past, present, and future. No less than 100 playable characters in this new series game. They call it the second fight of the major players do in Battleground Backyard. Gamers can edit and customize the character’s abilities, choosing quests, jump into co-op mode or multiplayer mode. Gamers are also likely to invite three other friends in the backyard and then start the party zombie slaughter. Split screen feature is also available for android. They will feel how the power of super plant, you can get free adventure games only from PlayStore.

Citing a review on Gamespot, these games get a score of 7/10 with three positive and two negative values. The positive value that is, in terms of creativity and diversity of exceptional mechanical, the emergence of new characters that make both teams feel more balanced and complete, as well as the additional narration fun and extra hidden game in the world hub.

Do you still want to look for other free adventure games? We do not recommend you to look for it because you already have two great selections at hand.