Behold: How to Update Samsung to Marshmallow


Samsung has finally launched Mashmallow update for its variants, including Galaxy A7

Good news for the fans of Samsung: Marshmallow update for various models of Samsung is up to grab (install) now. Reportedly, there has been new Android 6.0.1 M release update for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy A7, Amsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The brand users have been going on and about, wondering how to update Samsung to Marshmallow for some time, and now most of them can start enjoy Marshmallow on their Samsung phone or tablet.

The South Korean tech giant does not release Marchmallow update for all of its models at once. It has its own order of models and nations; customers’ got their finger-crossed that the next Marshmallow update will be for their gadget series and released in their country. Samsung began to roll out the Android 6.0.1 M update in Germany for its Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 variant in April this year. In May, the company rolled out the update to Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 in the United Kingdom.

After the users know how to update Samsung to Marshmallow for their respective variant, they can activate it on their phone easily. If you use any of the unlocked 8 inch or 9.7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, you will receive the firmware version T710XXU2CDPD (available for downloading as OTA update). Just make sure that there is a stable internet connection before you commence the download—preferably a Wi-Fi connection.


If you are waiting for how to update Samsung to Marshmallow for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 Edge+, your wait is over. The Android 6.0 update for these two models is now available. The downloaded data will be around 1.35 GB, so make sure to make room for that much of data update. You can check for the updates in: Settings > About phone > Software update.

The new Marshmallow update of Samsung is given to the Galaxy A7 series. The OS update is actually for the unlocked first gen Galaxy A7 phones, and it is available in Russia since most of this models are found in the said country. Go to Settings > About device > Software update and click on Update Now if the update is already available. Well, that is the most recent news on how to update Samsung to Marshmallow; guess the users of other variants need to wait longer for the availability their OS update.

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