How to Backup Photos To iCloud


Losing photos from your mobile phone can be a very disappointing issue at the least. Almost all people like taking photos using their smartphone today, from capturing their loved ones to food they eat recently. Some people even capture important image for work stuff the same way too. Losing these photos can be serious problems. For iPhone users, iCloud offers space to backup those photos. So, how to backup photos to iCloud exactly?

Steps on How to Backup Photos to iCloud

While Android device offers Google Drive for this, your iPhone offers you iCloud. It is like saving your photos on cloud so you can access and download it anytime you want and need. There are basically two recommended ways on how to backup photos to iCloud. If this is your first try, you can follow this guide below.

how to backup photos to iCloud
how to backup photos to iCloud
  1. Connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Open the settings. It is a grey app which contains an image of gears and it is located on the home screen.
  • Tap menu WIFI which is near the top of the settings menu. Doing backup data requires Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then, slide the “Wi-Fi” to “On” position until it turns green.
  • If the Wi-Fi requires password, make sure that you know the password to stay connected.
  1. Backing Up iPhone
  • Once again, open the settings.
  • You are required to select Apple ID at the top of the screen which contains of your profile. After entering the Apple ID, please tap “sign in to your iPhone”. If you does not have apple ID, sign and make an account by using your iPhone.
  • Choose the iCloud option in the second section of menu.
  • Then, select iCloud data to back up. If you are going to backup photos, slide the “photos” option until it turns green.
  • Scroll down and slide the iCloud backup to the “On” position until it turns into green.
  • After that, tap the “Back up Now”. By then, your manual backup process will be started.

Making backup data is a recommended way to do to prevent you from data losing. Your iPhone can have a system crash or it can get damaged from an accident, and this situation should risk you nothing if you already backup your data. As you can see from the guide on how to backup photos to iCloud above, it is pretty easy and fast to do. Try now and save your data from any possible loss problem.