How to Backup iPhone 6 to Computer via iTunes


Backing up your iPhone 6 regularly can keep you out of the headache if your phone fails to function or lost in the future. Then, how to backup iPhone 6 to computer properly?

There are several options available for backing up your iPhone settings and data, namely via iTunes, iCloud, and through the app.

How to Backup iPhone 6 to Computer via iTunes

iTunes is presumed to be the easiest way in how to backup iPhone 6 to computer and it is often used by users. In addition, this way is safe for iPhone device users because the backing up data is stored in a file that can only be opened by the users themselves. Here are the steps to backup your iPhone 6 data to your computer via iTunes.

how backup iPhone 6 to computer
how backup iPhone 6 to computer


  • Understand what files to back up. Performing backups through iTunes will store all your contacts, messages, Camera Roll settings, application data, and photos. It will not backup any sync, podcast music, or video. You need to re-sync using iTunes after the recovery process.
  • Connect your device to the computer. Use the USB cable that comes with your phone. If you do not have it, you should buy the cable, because the iPhone uses a special connector.
  • Open the iTunes. Open the ‘Summary’ tab for your device. Next, click ‘View’ and choose ‘Show Sidebar’ to access it. The iPhone device will be listed on the iTunes window, to the left frame. Click it to open the ‘Device Summary’.
  • Click ‘Back Up Now’. iTunes will start storing your phone data in an image file that will be stored on your computer. You can check if the backup has been successful by clicking ‘Preferences’ then selecting the ‘Devices’ tab. You will see your new backup in the ‘Device backup’ list.
  • Restore your iTunes backup. Plug your device into a computer and open iTunes. Select the iPhone from the left frame and select ‘Restore Backup’ from the ‘Summary’ screen. Navigate to the backup file you want to restore.

These steps on how backup iPhone 6 to computer may help all users to find the lost data in the future because of a damaged or missing device. Perform these steps correctly, so that all the data you want to backup can be stored properly in iTunes. If this way is still lacked, you can try to do it in two other ways, i.e. through iCloud or app