Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad Air 2


Apple iPad Air 2 delivers innovation for those of you who want to have a new gadget from Apple products. This company already releases Apple iphone and ipad with many products that have different specifications, especially now there is a new product, began to launch Apple iPad Air 2. Each gadget definitely has its advantages and weaknesses. Now I would review the specifications of advantages and disadvantages of Apple iPad Air 2. As the name suggested, it is the second iPad Air with 18% thinner than the previous one. Many new features are added to Apple’s latest device at various angles and development to increase users’ comfort. It is including the placement of a processor that uses a chipset coupled with RAM. But of course there is no ivory that is not cracked, although it has many advantages, the iPad Air 2 is considered to have some disadvantages as well, here are the pros and cons of Apple’s latest device.

The first advantage is the design. Apple always thinks about product design seriously. iPad Air 2 also includes quite appealing aesthetics. Designed flat with a thickness of only 6.1 mm, you will immediately feel in a premium product when using it. Apart from the design, to the big screen, this product has a screen measuring 9.7 inches. Apple products are always thumbs up with the quality of camera. The main camera on this product is too. Using 8MP camera makes it has very clear results. One more layer of security is added to your favorite device. Apple adds technology using Touch ID fingerprint password. Recommend a new way of payment, you do not need to go anywhere to carry cash, safer, and more modern. Pay Apple is introduced in this product.


Behind the advantages above, there are also weaknesses of iPad Air 2. Either does not want to go with the flow or indeed confident in his own abilities, this product just uses dual-core processors addition. The front camera is also small lens. If you take a self photo hobby or want to use this product for video calls, then you should use it in a place with good lighting, because the front camera is only equipped with 1.2MP lens. Main Camera, there is no flash again. For devices class, it feels funny when the camera is not equipped with a LED flash. But that’s what happened, until now the device of this product never includes LED flash. With only 6.1 mm thickness, this product is memorable fragile so you should be careful when carrying or having to install a good cover. Therefore, while you hold, it can be steady. With a density of 264 ppi screen, of course, it will reduce the enjoyment of this product despite the clarity is also very dependent on the image. Its direct competitor, the Nexus 9 from HTC has a screen with a density of 281 ppi.